Upcycling Skateboard Necklace - 9cm

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Upcycling necklace made from a used/broken skateboard


In fact, the life cycle of a skateboard never ends... after a hard and often breakneck life, it can now lead a quiet life by your side 🙂


Handmade in Luxembourg by SUSTAINED.LU


  • made from a used / broken skateboard
  • pendant size: +/- 1 x 9 cm
  • pendant colours: turquoise - blue - pink
  • chain thickness: 1 mm
  • chain material: waxed cotton thread (vegan emulsifying wax)
  • necklace length: +/- 40 cm
  • necklace closure: magnetic clasp
  • finish made with linseed oil based wood oil


This is a unique creation made from reclaimed material (skateboards), so traces of wear and tear can still be visible even after finishing.


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