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Jo Malano is an artist from Luxembourg. A mix of destruction and perfection, showing the perfect imperfection is the message behind his beautiful works.

My name is Jo Malano, born in 1995 in Luxembourg. I was always very interested in arts, painting and doing stuff with my hands.

My artistic way started in 2011 when I changed school and went to "Lycée des Arts et Metiers", where I met a lot of creative people. During this time, I had the chance to learn different techniques and find new ideas. We started very simple to do weird drawings with pencils and black fine liners, but that bored me very quickly. Then I started to paint with brushes, cans and everything I could find.

Jo Malano - artist from Luxembourg

From there on I really started to paint every day to learn different techniques, use different colors and different materials. Then I started to participate in a lot of art projects and a lot of exhibitions, where I met a lot of great people that helped and inspired me. Today, I'm very thankful for that.

All this led me to the point where I am today. My art is colorful and always inspired by nature and the human body. In the paintings you can feel and see the importance of movement, repetition and of course the balance or often the imbalance what is just as important.

I am very inspired by the old asian woodblock prints and by the old oriental mosaics. You often find some elements from this art in my paintings.

Trying to get a mix of destruction and perfection, I want to represent the world that we live in and the fight between nature and the industrial or plastic things.

The perfect imperfection is also very important for me and my work, because I think nothing in the world is perfect and that’s what makes it beautiful, interesting and unique.

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