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We are the team of Bearded Lion® from Luxembourg. We have been producing our beard care products in the Grand Duchy for quite some time. Our mission: Beautiful beards! The latest collection of beard oils and matching beard balms is specially designed for the daily care of your beard. Our products contain 100% natural and plant-based care ingredients and are also free of parabens, preservatives and silicones.

Read here the benefits of Bearded Lion® for the daily care of your beard.

Why is beard care so important?

Overgrown beard hairs that look matted and tousled are not particularly attractive. If you want a well-groomed and soft beard, you should care for it accordingly. The beard hair requires a somewhat more complex care than, for example, the hair on the head. The skin and hair on the face are more sensitive and need a little more attention.


We explain in 5 simple steps how to care for your beard optimally and which products you need for silky soft beard hair:

  1. Wash your beard thoroughly with a mild soap or an appropriate beard shampoo and rinse off the remains with lukewarm water.
  2. Comb your beard carefully with a beard brush to remove small knots in the hair. Tip: If the hair is very knotted, put a little beard oil in beforehand. It can promote the suppleness and combability of the beard hair.
  3. Drop 2-3 drops of beard oil into your palms and spread it evenly over your beard and the skin underneath. Tip: Massage the oil into your palms for a few seconds beforehand to warm it slightly. The oil can now be better absorbed into the skin and hair.
  4. After 2 minutes, the oil is absorbed and you can style and shape your beard with the Bearded Lion® Beard Balm.  Tip: Warm the beard balm slightly in your fingers. It is easier to massage into the skin and hair.
  5. Finally, comb your beard lightly with a suitable beard comb and bring the one or other transverse spirit into shape.


Bearded Lion® Beard Oil

Our beard oil moisturises your skin and beard hairs and prevents annoying beard dandruff. A beard oil is particularly advisable in the growth phase, because it keeps initial skin irritations to a minimum, so that your beard has the optimal conditions to grow.


Bearded Lion® Beard Balm

Beard balm is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to beard care. It is easy to apply, gives the beard shine and moisture, tames stubble and also cares for the skin and hair. Our Bearded Lion® Balm combines the properties of oil, wax and pomade. It is therefore ideal for longer beards that need more intensive care.

We also recommend the beard balm for itching, redness or problem skin. The natural formula of shea butter and cocoa butter soothes irritated skin and moisturises.

Our beard balm is mildly formulated and contains only natural fragrances, giving your beard a seductive masculine scent.


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