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Whether pop-up store or pop-up shop, these terms seem to appear more and more often. What is behind this 'boom' and what can the buyer imagine such a store to be?

Whether pop-up store or pop-up shop, these terms seem to appear more and more often. What is behind this 'boom' and what can the buyer imagine such a store to be?

What is a pop-up store?

The English word pop-up means "to suddenly appear". Pop-up stores are therefore stores that only remain in a certain place temporarily. This also has to do with the fact that the goods sold there are unique and very attractive to the buyers and therefore sell out quickly. There is a lot of leeway, because every imaginable product can be found in such a pop-up store.

The pop-up goods on offer are therefore individually selected and assembled by the seller and offer you, the customer, a unique shopping experience. These stores are known for their flexibility and ingenuity. It doesn't necessarily have to be a sale of goods - restaurants, hairdressing salons, art exhibitions, etc. can also be presented in such a short rented space.

Especially since these stores only remain in any empty space for a limited period of time, their attraction seems all the stronger. This is mainly based on verbal propaganda from the customers. Thus, first-hand quality is disseminated and customer satisfaction is increased and supported. This is why not only the customer benefits from the pop-up concept, but also the pop-up stores themselves. Pop-up stores thus save considerably on advertising costs and long-term rental contracts, equipment costs, etc.

The short and, depending on the case, unknown time whereabouts of these pop-up stores cause the customer to visit the store quickly and secure the goods accordingly. The focus is therefore on the pop-up goods. This also offers artists an opportunity to bring their art more easily to the people around them by allowing them to participate financially in the pop-up store concept. The Luxembourg pop-up store is particularly oriented towards this topic and will be presented in more detail later.

The history of the pop-up store, pop-up store or pop-up retail.

The difference between a pop-up store, a pop-up retail or a pop-up store lies solely in the concept. People often ask what distinguishes these terms from each other and they all say exactly the same thing. As already mentioned, these are stores that simply appear suddenly ("pop up") and stay for a limited period of time. The pop up concept on the other hand goes back even further.

The concept of a temporary stay has been known for centuries, if you think of markets and fairs. The concept of pop-up is from the late 90s. The principle finds its beginning in the USA. There a media entrepreneur named Patrick Courrielche opened his first Pop up store in Los Angeles in 1997.

Here, the event manager has already managed to combine different subject areas such as music, fashion, art and culinary delights into a common concept, the pop-up concept. This event led to enthusiasm and introduced the further development of a modern sales principle.

So this idea has spread and is known everywhere nowadays. Even in small Luxembourg this phenomenon occurs more often. For this reason, the Popup Store Luxembourg is founded. To offer you a unique shopping experience.

What is the pop-up store Luxembourg?

At the beginning of 2020, the plan was to create a local pop-up store. However, due to the sudden Covid 19 situation, it was not a suitable time to pursue this. The crisis has narrowed down many artists and their work and fairs as well as markets had to be cancelled.

In order to adapt to the given situation, we came up with the idea to start the Pop up Store online. Thus we offer the artists a platform where they can bring their art to the people despite Corona. It is important to us that artists are also supported in their creativity and that they have a platform to communicate it more easily. However, there is nothing to be said against realizing the store after this crisis and promoting exhibitions.

What makes this popup store different from others in Luxembourg?

In our Popup Shop you have the possibility to buy and sell things online. Other stores do not offer this service. Furthermore, our project is mainly based on social media marketing. Accordingly, another customer group will be addressed, since nowadays the younger generation mainly stores online.

Our pop up store is not only available for established companies. Everybody who wants to sell something made and doesn't know exactly how to do it can count on our help and cooperation. So the artist doesn't have to bother to build up an own online store.

What is the principle behind the Pop-up Store Luxembourg?

On the one hand, it is important to us to offer local producers, artists and hobbyists a platform so that their art can gain in reach. On the other hand, customers should also benefit by offering unique and handmade pieces. Additionally, this principle promotes the art scene.

The positive thing about this popup concept is that everything can be sold here. The categories range from clothing and decoration to music and art. Thus the Pop-up Shop Luxembourg offers a considerable variety of gift ideas, which are suitable for Mother's Day, Father's Day or even as Christmas and birthday presents.

How to reach the Pop-Up Store?

You can reach us either via e-mail or social media :

Pop-Up Shop Pop-Up Store Pop Up Store

We would be happy to hear from you, because our pop-up project is really close to our hearts.


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