Atomic Rocket Seeders

ATOMIC ROCKET SEEDERS is a Trio based in Luxembourg.

The band is the brainchild of Thierry“TAP” Porcedda that came to life by the contributions of experienced musicians Thierry Hames and Bryan Fox. A description most suiting of the band would read:Three music cracks put their broad musical roots ranging from Metal over Blues to Jazz and HardRock into one eclectic mix and rebrand said influences with a thunderous modern metal sound.

Atomic Rocket Seeders

ARS’s unpredictable writing style found in alternative bands of the likes of Incubus always keepslisteners on their toes. While the lyrics mainly focus on social criticism, other tracks ease up andlure with stories about more emotional aspects in life.

Focusing on interesting song writing and energetic live performances, the act won several nationalcontests and secured its place at the legendary WACKEN OPEN AIR Metal festival in Germany and as the support act for LIMP BIZKIT and JOLLY. 

Atomic Rocket Seeders released their self-titled debut album on October 30th on Vinyl, CD and all commonstreaming platform.

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